As the weather becomes warmer during Spring and Summer, and fewer restrictions mean more entertaining, Price’s Wines block 2 Alicante Bouschet rose is a great go-to wine. Light, bright and easy-drinking, the Block 2 is excellent as a standalone drink or to enjoy with pretty much any food!

Price’s Wines is the only vineyard in the McLaren Vale region to grow Alicante Bouschet grapes. The grape variety is special – one of the few in the world with red flesh, a so-called “Teinturier”. The variety was originally developed by Henri Bouschet (a French viticulturist) in1866 in France. Henri liked to cross pigment varieties to see what he could create in terms of colour and tannin. His Alicante Bouschet was a winner! It’s a cross of Petit Bouschet (created by his Dad, Louis-Marie) and Grenache. While it began as a blending grape for French table wine, it’s now much more than that. Alicante Bouchet is still grown in France, and it’s also widely cultivated in Portugal, Chile and California.

Usually in the wine-making process, when wine is made, the grapes are crushed to release the juice – and the colour comes from contact with the skin. But with the red flesh of the Alicante Bouschet grape, once the skins are broken, the juice runs free. It’s a glorious bright pink – and we bottle it to become the Price’s Block 2.

This wine is vibrant, crisp and refreshing with juicy fresh berry flavours. Don’t be fooled by the colour – this is not a sweet wine but rather one that’s semi-dry. The Block 2 is easy drinking. Try it with prawns or paella, or cheese and crackers. It’s perfect for a summer get together and watching the sun set!

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