You’ve just bought a case of your favourite Price’s Block 5 Cabernet Sauvignon for your upcoming party. You want to create the perfect cheese platter to complement the wine’s rich, full-bodied fruit flavours, but you’re stumped. No worries. Here are several kinds of cheese that will pair perfectly with these superb Cabernets:

Aged Gouda: The nutty flavour of a mature Gouda becomes the perfect foil for the rich tannins, luscious plum, and juicy blackberry flavours that Price’s Cabernet offers.

Sharp Cheddar: Tame the bite of the cheese with the fabulous pop of fruit in your Price’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Tannins cleanse your palate, allowing you to experience the rich flavour of the cheese in all its glory. Pitch perfect.

Ossau-Iraty: This semi-hard sheep’s milk from France’s Basque region has all the rich, nutty flavour of Gouda, yet adds a nuanced note of gamey flavour. This complexity makes it a natural partner for your Cab, hitting all the superb notes in the wine.

Brie with Truffles: Though Brie by itself tends to overindulge the tannins in your Cabernet, magic can happen when you add truffles to the mix. That’s because the earthy notes in the truffles, paired with the hint of herb in the Cab, soften the tannins, accentuating the berry flavours in the wine.

Gruyere: Its perky nuttiness and earthy complexity demand a strong partner. Price’s Cabernet Sauvignon stands up to the task with aplomb. Its deep punch of fruit, combined with just enough tannins, brings out all the earthiness of the cheese.

Pecorino Toscano: A young version of this well-known Italian sheep’s milk cheese, Pecorino does best when you pair its youthfulness with Price’s more recent Cabernet vintages. The cheese’s saltiness draws out all the plum and berry fruit flavours in these fruit-forward younger wines.

Pecorino Romano: The full-bodied, nutty cheese works well with even older Cabernet vintages. Its earthy, complex flavours stand up well to the wines’ elegant blend of blackberry, plum, and tannins.

Tallegio: This aromatic Italian cheese is one of the few softer kinds of cheese that pair well with a Price Cabernet. That’s because the cheese itself has fruity notes, which accentuate the bold fruit flavours of the wine.

If you plan to serve meats, fruits, and other snacks in addition to your cheese board, consider fennel-infused salami, whose bold, strong flavour and herbal notes bring out all the subtle herbal notes in the Cab. Roasted almonds and pistachios, as well as some crackers, add some needed crunch to the mix. Balance out the flavours and add a touch of sweetness with a few blackberries and plum slices. The flavours of the fruit accentuate the berry and plum notes in the wine.

Before your guests arrive, prepare your wine and platter carefully. Allow cheeses to come to room temperature by setting them out about an hour before you serve them. Serve your Price’s Cabernet Sauvignon at around 16 degrees, so your guests can experience every nuance of richness in this delicious wine.

To buy these marvellous Price’s Cabernet Sauvignon wines for your next party, contact the expert customer service team at Price’s today.

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